This explosive Latin-American combo (MEX-CH-AR) migrates through all the cumbia’s sub-genres in a journey that creates their own truly unique sound.

La Banda Fantástica is a Cumbia band formed by musicians from Argentina, Chile and Mexico that mixes electric guitar and bass guitar with traditional percussion.

Cumbia is a Latin American music style that originated in Colombia but whose infectious rhythm quickly spread in popularity across the entire continent. Today it can be heard on dance floors from as far and wide as Argentina, Mexico, Peru and Panama.

La Banda Fantástica has journeyed through sub-genres of Cumbia to create its own truly unique sound, from Chicha (psychedelic Peruvian cumbia) to Cumbia Villera (Argentina) and traditional tracks from Colombia and Mexico as well as creating its own compositionswith covers of Black Sabbath, The Beatles and Policarpo Calle.

For over 8 years they have been inspiring crowds with their intoxicating sound at major venues and festivals across the Netherlands including Down the Rabbit Hole, Paradiso, OT301, Worm, Fringe, Welcome to the Village, Wildeburg, Landjuweel (NL) and Fusion Festival Germany.

The band is Jonathan Ramirez (Mex) on Bass and Vocals, Lalo Leiva (Ch) on Vocals, Flute, Guitar and percussion, Pavo Chavez (Mex) on Guitar, Ruben Lanzieri (Arg) and Rodrigo Herrera (Ch) on percussion.